Joy of Knowing Who I Am, Book 1, Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Series - PRINT

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Print workbook by Warren Litzman.
Includes 10 Lessons
Find yourself in God's eternal plan! What happened when you were born again? What is your spiritual identity to God? How does Christ and His Cross affect you and your earthly life? Oh! What release and joy comes when we discover who we are in Christ! Because these lessons build from the ground up, it is vital for all Christians, both new and seasoned, to start fresh with strong, foundational understanding to firmly support advanced concepts in later teachings. We strongly urge students begin with Book 1 of the first series, The Fundamentals of the Christ-life and work through these lessons and the following books in their proper order.
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Format : Paperback
Publisher : WRLitzman Grace Media, Inc.
Publication Date : 2017, Second Edition
ISBN : 978-0-9992684-1-4