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The Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Series

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In-depth lessons designed for individuals or for group studies teaching the building blocks every Christian needs to understand their salvation and their life in Christ Jesus.

To live your new life, you must first learn it. Understanding your new spiritual reality is key to truly experiencing your relationship with God as your Father and living the Christ-life He meant for you! If you believed and accepted Christ, you are now God’s birthed child with Christ living in you, a true son, immediately infused with Christ’s life and nature, fully redeemed, with His righteousness, wisdom, and love. The old you is gone! You now stand before God in Christ Jesus. When you learn your in-Christ position, you will truly know security, sustaining rest, joy unspeakable, and peace that passes understanding. You can stand firm in any storm this earthly life throws your way! These lessons build from the ground up, guiding students, both new and seasoned, through key foundational truths to advanced concepts in later lessons. Students should begin with Book 1 of the first series, The Fundamentals of the Christ-life, working through these lessons and the following workbooks in their proper order.

Image: The Fundamentals Bible Study Workbook Series
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Three Levels of Learning in The Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Workbooks

The Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Series offers flexibility for readers to decide how much they want to get out of their Bible study.

  1. Simply read the text. These books certainly allow for easy, informative reading. Just move past the activities.
  2. Step it up to the next level. Short activities throughout the chapters highlight enlightening points for a closer look, prompting those with the heart of a student to reflect on their own personal experiences and consider how these concepts apply and change understanding, delivering deeper learning.
  3. Investigate for yourself. To really dig in and discover for yourself the in-Christ message in God’s Word, use the Explore More section after each chapter. The more one digs, the richer the learning experience. We love those light-bulb moments!