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"Truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ." (1 John 1:3)

Welcome to fellowship with the Father, the Son, and local believers in Christ!

Christ-life Fellowship is a global network of community fellowships drawn together to learn and live the love, liberty, and rest which God has provided in the in-Christ message, Paul's Gospel of Grace. CLF provides guidance and Christ-life learning materials for Bible studies, allowing fellowship members to learn, grow, and support each other in applying Christ-life principles to daily life.

New community fellowships continue to be added to CLF network as this glorious teaching ignites the revelation of Christ in believers. We encourage you to provide the Christ-life message to your local community simply by starting a fellowship. You can decide the size, the location, the schedule, and the privacy policy.

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CLF provides instructions HERE and learning materials HERE.

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Donations to Our Missions Fund Support these Global Mission Outreaches:

Your regional Christ-life representative is ready to help you find a local CLF fellowship and learning materials so you can grow in the knowledge of Christ. Your Missions donation supports the operations of these representatives. Thank you for giving.

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