Welcome to the CHRIST-LIFE FELLOWSHIP The Christ-life is the liberating life available when the born-again believer realizes the Spirit of Christ living within is the only righteousness, his very life: as Paul taught, relieves the believer from stressing over self-works for perfection and the guilt that follows human error. It also refocuses the believer to a love affair with his heavenly Father as a born-again son of God, a joint heir with Christ. Join us in learning and living the Christ-life. Your donations help spread the Christ-life message around        the world, thanks for being a part of this Fellowship Download your copy of the new “Life In The Son” here...Just click on the magazine and it will take you to the download page. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, download it below. News from Kenya
                                                    George Mallette went to be with the Father early Tuesday morning. Broadcast now available on Android, I-Phone and Tablets. Ed Gardner: God woke me up this morning thru a dream.