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The Christ-life is the liberating life available when the born-again believer realizes the Spirit of Christ living within is his only righteousness, his very life. This message taught by Paul shifts our focus from self to Christ, relieving us from stressing over perfection through self-works and the guilt that follows human error. It leads us into a much more intimate relationship, a love affair with our heavenly Father as born-again children of God, joint heirs with Christ. This relationship completely changes the way we live life as we grow in Christ! Join us in learning and living the Christ-life.

Warren Litzman, Sr.

Image: Warren and Robbie Litzman

In the midst of a successful preaching career, Warren Litzman's teaching was diverted in 1958 when the Holy Spirit began teaching him Apostle Paul’s message of Christ living in believers as their only life, their only righteousness, their only “hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). This message captured Warren’s heart, and he dedicated his life to leading believers to a more intimate relationship with God as their Heavenly Father through His Son, Christ, living within. Warren’s extensive career includes ministering more than 50 years and founding Grace Fellowship International, Christ-life Fellowship, and Christ-life Publishing House. He has taught worldwide, published more than 50 years of Life in the Son quarterly magazine (formerly Life in the Spirit magazine) and more than 30 books, and produced hundreds of CD and DVD messages. His teachings are available at www.christ-life.org and coming soon to online retailers!

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