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God's Design

By Warren Litzman

How big is God? I would like to give you something which I like to read every once in a while. I have no interest in astronomy at all, but this is a statement that I couldn't pass by. I want you to get this. I want you to know something about God who has put His Seed, His Son, in you, a born-again believer.

By studying creation, we can gain a glimpse of the power, the knowledge, and the wisdom of God. The sheer size of the universe is staggering. For example, the sun has a diameter of 864,000 miles. That little ball you see coming up in the east every morning is just a few miles short of a billion miles in its circumference. That is 100 times larger than the earth. You could place 1 million earth-size planets inside that ball.

The star Betelgeuse has a diameter of 100 million miles, which is larger than the earth's orbit around the sun. It takes sunlight traveling at 186 miles per second, about 8 minutes, to reach the earth. Yet that same light would take more than four years to reach the nearest little star you can see up there. This is something you see every night if you don't have clouds. The sunlight that comes to us every morning took eight minutes to travel to earth, but for that same sunlight to reach the nearest star you see in the heavens would take four years to get there.

The galaxy to which our sun belongs, which is a part of the Milky Way, contains hundreds of billions of stars. We only see a few every night. Astronomers estimate that there are millions or even billions of galaxies in the universe. This gets beyond finite comprehension.

The universe also bears to the tremendous wisdom and knowledge of God. Scientists now speak of the Anthropic principle that states that the universe seems to be carefully designed for the well-being of mankind. Listen to this. A change in the composition of the gasses would make our atmosphere fatal to life. A slight change in the mass of protons would result in the dissolution of atoms. This is beyond me. If all of this put together had a variance of just 10 thousandths of an inch, the whole earth would fall apart.

Furthermore, it says that if you went to the nearest star with the most powerful telescope ever made and searched around the heavens, you couldn't find the earth; it is too small.

It struck me that we have forgotten about how big God is in the ordering of life and the issues of life. We have forgotten. I saw this visibly when I saw all the people who were upset with whether America was going to war. Do you know what was forgotten? 9/11. It is as if we forgot the thing which happened to us which caused that in the first place.

We have also forgotten the trillions of people who have been saved by God's grace, who had the Spirit of Christ, God's Seed, placed in them. A seed that would have changed the whole world, but many Christians don't know, or have forgotten, who they are; but God will handle it.




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