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  • Law Is Not of Faith, The (Print Book)

    Law Is Not of Faith, The (Print Book)

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    Format: Print, book

    By Frank Stigall

    This book is unique. Its content, its author and its purpose are unique. The content is purely biblical, yet many Bible-believing Christians have never seen nor entered into the grace this book allows. Frank Stigall has become a vibrant voice today ready to share the message of his deliverance from law. He is an ardent student of the Scriptures and his unique way of writing will hold your attention. Its purpose is to bring a message to those locked into religious law. It will show God's plan for all believers and how they can come alive by Christ who lives in them.

    Format: Paperback
    Number of Pages: 121
    Publisher: Christ-life Publishing House
    Publication Date: 1998


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