Tribute to Ruth Nortje

We give special honor to Ruth Nortje, who was responsible for opening doors at the beginning of our ministry in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She graciously used her contacts to introduce us and the message given by the Apostle Paul; and from those contacts, the Holy Spirit spread the message to regions beyond, which provoked many home fellowships to open, even in other countries.

Ruth will be missed by so many friends and family members. She was devoted to Jesus Christ and to the Word of God. She was an encourager, and she took time and gave people attention. I don’t think she ever met a stranger. One word we would use to describe her is ‘gracious’.  I don’t remember her ever saying a negative word about anyone. She wore a beautiful smile. We have many fond memories of our travels with her. She knew her way around all the interesting places to see.

As the Apostle Paul said, Ruth is asleep in Jesus (1 Thess. 4:13-15 KJV), not dead, hasn’t passed away. We all are on the same journey that Ruth walked. This is a short, temporal lifespan with eternity awaiting each of us. On the resurrection morning, those who are in Christ will see Ruth again.

Our prayers go out to Ruth’s children.

Warren and Robbie Litzman
Christ-life Fellowship (International)


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