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Hi Robbie.

Here is another report of my experiences passing out the booklets. The man we met in the grocery store several months ago who had a serious infection in his shoulder is getting better and will soon have his shoulder re-built. His wife left him because of verbal abuse and had filed for divorce. Recently, she called me and asked if we could take him somewhere to church, and I told her there was not a single church that I would take him to around here because of what they teach. So, I sent her the Birthing booklet, the Paul book and the Revelation of the Cross book by Stigall. Since they were separated, they did a study of the Birthing booklet together over the phone. Since then she has withdrawn the divorce petition and dropped all restraining orders, and he has said he will be moving back to her by Christmas. So, the family is beginning to heal, although the children are still estranged.

My other project is that God has brought my attention to Native American Indians in 3-4 different ways recently. We learned that there was going to be a pow-wow at the Indian center in Wichita with Indians from many tribes around Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. We attended and found it to be most interesting. They had tables of the crafts for sale, and I spoke to 13 different people and gave each a booklet. Only one person refused because they were not religious. Most of the participants came from 2 different tribes, most of which I never heard of. While we were waiting for the Pow-wow to start, the fire alarm went off because of a fire in the kitchen. So I snuck behind one of the fireman and handed him a booklet which he was happy to receive. One of the Indians said he had some time there and would read it on the spot.

Our minister at our local church told us we should be witnessing even though it would be very hard. I told him after the service that I loved to do it. Last week I told him about the Indians and I happened to have one of the booklets in my pocket (was going to re-read it during church!). I pulled it out to show him what I was giving out but that the Mennonites would never want this and it was not like their preaching. He said, may I have the booklet - shock, shock!

My desire is for leaders to get this information. Who knows where this will go.
We are still anticipating going to a military base in Kansas to hand out these booklets. I think I told you that I sent the chaplain 3 booklets to look over.

Another exciting thought is to get into the halls of congress whenever we get back to the east coast. My biggest desire is to attend the National Prayer Breakfast next February where Trump will be. The people are seated at tables of eight (I know this because, when we lived there, I attended numerous prayer breakfasts from Kennedy on.). I can see myself passing the booklets all around the table, and they would all love the gift. However, the logistics of getting this done will be very expensive. We would need to spend one night in the Hilton Hotel because it starts early in the morning (probably $350+) and driving to Washington would be around $1000. Also, can't attend without a formal invitation. So, at the moment, this may not happen but is still a dream I ponder.

You can't imagine how gracious Paul is to help me with all these things.
Hope Warren and you are doing well.


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14-Feb-2017 08:48 AM Ruth Christensen

Oh, Jennie,
You are a blessing to many, I'm sure. Keep up the good work.

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