Prayer request from Australia

Dear Christ life family and friends,

Trusting that you and yours are keeping well by His grace and growing in the knowledge of Him daily!

I would like to kindly ask you to please include in your thoughts and prayers for KAREN STARK who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemo treatment. She had her second treatment on 23 May and her mother in-law, LEONNE STARK is a dear sister in Christ who is from New South Wales. Some of you have met her during our conference. Leonne is helping the family in Darwin as Karen has three young girls.

Blessings in Him,
Jenny Asibal


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09-Jan-2015 06:46 PM Anonymous

please pray for my finances and that I would have 1000 clients in my business.

21-Oct-2015 04:43 PM Anonymous

I pray for the people of israel please keep them safe and help this to stop.Please no more war for them.I pray my family makes amends to me and return's what they have.Please turn my mother's heart and mind and i pray her and my sister don't hurt anyone anymore.I pray i pass my test and do 100% on everything I pray i am a safe driver and never hurt anyone or even get a ticket.Please make me strong in mind body and soul please clean me and make my spirit clean and receive me into heaven!!!Please heal my back and skin and help me to be in great health.Thank you for your gift's wow!!!please HELP ME TO HAVE ENOUGH TO GET A HOME ONE I CAN BE PROUD OF AND KEEP.In a nice area where none will hurt me or cause any drama.I pray people are polite to me so i can cope.Please i pray for all i know please all who i meet.I pray for emotional intelligence and wisdom.Please help me to live the rest of my life in serenity and peace.I pray for a smart dog that i can go hiking with.Please send me to a nice area where i will be and feel comfortable.Please help me to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.I pray for all the people in prison please open door's for the innocent one's and help the guilty to not re offend.Soften there them to find you.Please help people in the hospital to not hurt so much and to not be afraid.I pray i won;t be afraid or paranoid.I pray i am a good kind forgiving person.i pray for all who are alone.please be in my life always and help me with decision's.I pray my weight in life becomes lite er.I pray i will have a place to swim and a inexpensive way to make a pool.I pray my day's without a home are coming to an end and i will always have a home.I pray it has a successful garden and an apartment to rent.Thank you please please help im the closest i have ever been to having a home.I love you thank you peace and love peace and love AMEN AMEN!!!

18-Oct-2016 03:38 AM Stephen D

I need prayer and deliverance by God against Satans kingdom of snake demons, familiar spirits, snack food demon, and any other that is my life. I want to be set permanently free. I want to be fully put into Gods hands and have a Christ-Like Mind. I want to follow what Jesus my intercessor to God has for me to do in my lifetime. I want all Satans strongholds to go to HELL. I need serious prayer and Thankyou very much + God Bless!

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