Helenmarie and the rest of the Fellowship here in the Strand South Africa

Dear Warren and Robbie,

I am listening to the Fundemantals, from the beginning again, as I am making cryptic notes on the CD's so I know the gist of the content, and again am so struck by the dynamite of the message!! This is the 4th time I'm listening to the CD's and every time the Message is new!! Originally we raced through the Video's--we were so hungry to hear this amazing Message, that we were like folk who were dying of thirst and couldn't take in enough of this Living Water!! It is such a treat to go through them at a slower pace and listening to the same Message over and over again, until it really becomes part of one.The most amazing gift we have ever received! Thank you both so much!!

There has been the 'strangest state of affairs' here in my life since the 8th of January--starting with a friend's son hanging himself; 5 members in my family being hospitalised for serious medical procedures; and 5 deaths as a result of old age and cancer! It is just amazing how our Father has undertaken in such a gracious, loving, miraculous way, as to comforting, healing and restoring us. Rom 8:28 is becoming more and more of a reality, and not just a verse to quote glibly, and we are experiencing the LOVE of our Father in a very real and tangible way. Gal 2:20 is also a very definite reality!

Thank you again for sharing this wonderful Christ Life with us and opening up the Word to us! Atruly thrilling journey!

With love and hugs in Christ,
Helenmarie and the rest of the Fellowship here in the Strand South Africa


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