Christ-life Goes from S. Africa to the Portuguese World

By Nelita and Wondelie Fonseca

Inspired to share the Christ-life message, Nelita and Wondelie Fonseca found God opening doors to speak at a weekly revival at a Cape Town, South Africa church. Nelita reported:

We spoke several times, and the pastor took very well to the message. I was called to speak on a Saturday evening, I had the opportunity of saying that the revelation is brought about by the Holy Spirit, and it's never our persuasive words that cause people to see Christ.



Once we had over 5,000 views on live-stream. Three weeks ago, I spoke alone, and I had 1,600 views. Obviously, the pastor was shocked. Now, we are waiting because the Father told us that He would make us voices amongst the religious world. But this doesn't come without loads of persecution and many, many tears.

We spoke to a group of pastors, and one of them just said, “This is the truth!!! We have been busy with nonsense.” Another said, “What can we preach after this?” So, we have open doors at this one local church and have even spoken at the local radio [sic].

Encouraged by the response, Nelita and Wondelie have branched out to broadcast this liberating truth to the Portuguese world, passing out literature and starting a Portuguese Christ-life YouTube channel! Nelita said:

We gave away all the books to people in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, and Mozambique; but we didn't really get any response. Now we have started sharing the message of Christ in Portuguese via the YouTube channel which we call, "SALVOS PELA SUA VIDA," and we are experiencing a bit more response. At least we have 16 subscribers who are starting to react to what they are hearing.

We have several invitations to go to India, Kenya, Portugal, and Pakistan, but we are not yet in a financial position to do it. A lady has inquired about the Spanish material. She loves the message of Christ.

Warren and Robbie are thrilled to see Christ-life students yearning to move the gospel of grace to all the world!


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