Christ-life Family Take It to Namibia

Dear Christ-life Fellowship,

Thanks, Warren and Robbie, for the precious words of welcome to the folk in Namibia. We shared it in three homes and a restaurant before introducing the In-Christ Gospel of Paul!

Willie and I went to Namibia in June to meet with folk who had expressed an interest in Paul’s Gospel, trusting Father to direct us in our path as we travel. We did have a rough plan, but He had to confirm our ways and open the doors to meet with folk He had prepared.

We really trusted Father for sufficient finances, which happened in a most marvelous way. Only two of our Christ-life friends knew we were going, and immediately blessed us! Also, we had been trying to sell a brand-new canopy for over two years, and then someone bought it the day before we left! Actually, the money was paid in at 9:00 the previous night, and we left at 5:00 in the morning! WOW!

On our first day, we traveled to Grunau in the south of Namibia. We shared with the folks there and gave two Life in the Son magazines. Then we went to Mariental and met with a teacher, an open and hungry lady. She bought a copy of My Notes on the Final Gospel. On our way back, we stopped there again, and she told us that her husband is reading it every morning! We haven’t met him yet; we can only trust that the Holy Spirit will grip their hearts.

On to Windhoek, slept at three different places. First, a young couple who is family of Willie. One very beautiful young girl does intense study in the Word, but she was not really willing to talk with us. Her fiancé was just polite! We had the fellowship meeting in her home on Sunday morning. They were not present as they had to take her parents off to the airport. Unfortunately, it was exactly in the time we had our fellowship. But our dearest friends of 45 years were there. They took the Christ-life message about 8 years ago, and they testified to it being their anchor the past seven years, the man being diagnosed with colon cancer seven years ago, should have been dead four years back but still going strong! Then there was a lady on fire with this message! She is a working student and stayed with us in November last year while writing exams, bought a Notes book then, and also has a DVD set and now bought a Paul book. Michelle brought along a friend. She watched the DVD we showed and was entranced! Bought a Notes book and a pamphlet! The other two couples, oh man! One couple very charismatic, tongue-talking, fasting, etc.; but in the end opened up somewhat. The other couple very Dutch Reformed, “Leave me alone. I’ve got my church. I don’t need anything else. I’m in a very happy place with my life!” So very sad. We are now really experiencing the truth of our wonderful freedom IN HIM, never ever again putting on the yoke of bondage and at the same time seeing what heavy law and religion does—people not wanting to be free!

Monday morning, off to the farm in the mountains 160km direct west of Windhoek, the Khomas Hochland, very hard, rocky, and barren place. That couple was introduced to Christ-life about 10 years ago. They have many recorded messages, bought books, and tapes now. They live a very hard and difficult life, him being a paraplegic for the past 25 years as a result of car accident. But he does all the farm work, amazing! But our encouragement was of extreme importance. We also had wonderful experiences on their family farm. But the most marvelous incidents happened where we were able to testify a couple of times! Next Monday, back to Okahandja, where we met a dear friend at a restaurant, showed the welcome message on my cell phone, and had a marvelous time of fellowship for about two precious hours! He also got some new material.

Then we went to the farm of Willie’s sister. She also has a Notes book and is studying. But Willie’s eldest sister, who is also staying there, bought the whole Romans DVD series, as well as other material. She is over the moon with excitement and thankfulness because we also gave her our small DVD player to use. She is teaching in town and tells us of the hunger among so many people she knows.

We are back home safely after having traveled 3870km in total. We praise and thank our Father for everything, but above all that He worked in our lives in the first place. We are anxious to go back and follow up. Thank you for all the Father talking on our behalf during this time.

All our love in Him to all you precious people.
Willie and Helene


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