An Amazing Twist of God's Divine Work

Good day, Denise.

Thank you so much for the emails you forward to us, especially the last one.

I am so excited. You know Nelita is my spiritual mother!!

In 1990, we all lived in Port Noloth at the west coast of South Africa. I had a hair salon, and she was a client of mine. She used to come sit there and pray for me while I do her hair. I wasn’t aware of it! And not long after that I gave my life to Jesus the night before my 23rd birthday. They moved to Cape Town, went to Bible school, and just after John's death, her first husband, we lost contact. Only years after that, in 2009, I got hold of her on Facebook and lost contact again because of a crisis time we had been in at that stage. And you know, only now in the beginning of the year, after a job stint from Saaudi, my husband brought with a Life in the Son magazine that he got from a guy working with him on the boat with Nelita and Wanderlei's testimony in. My heart was jumping up and down. And I was so glad hearing about her again. The guy who gave the magazine to my husband is the son of a very dear friend of Nelita, Caroline. The guys work together as commercial Divers in Saaudi on a boat.

Isn't that amazing? How somebody's magazine and message from America bring people, family in Christ, in Africa together via people working in Saaudi? Wow, wow, what an amazing God we serve!!!

Thank you again.

Love in Jesus,


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