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The Acorn

(by Teresa Ferraro)


The acorn holds a special place
In all of God’s creation.
It tells us of a miracle,
His plan for all the nations.

It was God’s grandest plan,
Conceived before the world began,
To plant His Seed inside each man
And see His wondrous love expand.

Inside Christ, His “Incorruptible Seed,”
Is righteousness and power indeed.
And all the traits we aspire to be
Are only available through His Seed.

For acorns to grow to mighty oaks
The seed, in the ground, must die.
Oh, how God’s holy heart was broke,
When Christ began to cry.

But through the acorn’s story,
God’s miracle for all to see,
I understand my hope of glory
Is Christ inside of me.

You see, the acorn tells it all,
Life comes from death, and great from small.
All God desires will come to fruition,
When Christ lives through my human condition.

A symbol of hope, a promise from above,
A sign of God’s eternal love,
The acorn knows all it will ever need,
Comes from within, His Life is in the Seed.


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31-Oct-2014 06:58 AM Helenmarie Koen

So wonderful to be part of the Acorn Story!

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