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Thankful for God's Grace

Dear Warren and Robbie,

My thoughts are WAY ahead of my 'pecking finger'!!

Since I watched your video to all of us, I have been wondering what I do to bring forth this Christ in me, as I don't like confrontation, which I get when I try and explain the difference between Religion and the Christ-life!

But thinking back, hardly a day goes by that I am not able to share something with a complete stranger-- somebody looking for work, if I am in the garden; somebody in the store where I buy my groceries; A homeless person, of which there are so many here!

Today I attended the memorial service of a guy of 49, who was confirmed with my son in'79.

I couldn't stop thanking and praising my Father for you two, for your obedience, zeal and faithfulness in spreading the wonderful Message of Paul's revelation!

I cannot believe that folk sit Sunday after Sunday listening to ....... I don't have a word for it!! The minister, whom I have heard before - also at a memorial service!- said that, because the deceased had been christened at age 2 months, he was saved!! Everybody in the congregation was, of course, saved because they'd been christened!! Not a word about being born again!!

I just again realised it was grace and grace alone which had caused me to want more than I was hearing, and God, in  His infinite grace, had let me hear the Christ Life message for the first time in November, '96.

Time passes so quickly, and I am so slow out of the blocks(!)' I want to wish you both the most blessed birthdays you have ever had! I find each year just gets betterer and betterer!!


With much love and many hugs


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31-May-2015 12:29 PM Colin Jardine

Amen sister. I too have come to rest in the knowledge of what our Father has done through our Lord Jesus. When we come to know that Christ indwells us everything changes and our desire to know Him becomes greater.

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