Let CLF know if you are leading a Christ-life Bible Study group!

We’d like to be part of your Bible study journey and to watch this message spread across the world. How exciting would that be?! Please fill out this form to let CLF stay connected with your Bible study group, your Christ-life fellowship.

This form is only for Bible study groups who are studying the teaching materials of Christ-life Fellowship. If you are using teachings from other ministries, please do not fill out this form.


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Meeting Location

An OPEN group is one that meets in a public space and welcomes new visitors to meet with them to learn this Christ-life message.

A CLOSED group is a private, secured meeting among trusted friends and for safety purposes is not open to strangers.

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Closed Group

This means CLF would give the group leader the contact information of the new visitor, and the group leader would contact the new visitor, greet and give meeting information. We will also add your meeting’s city to a posted list of Bible study groups.

Yes I give permission to recommend my Bible study group to others.
No I do not want my Bible study group shared with others.