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Warren Litzman contrasts our attempt at righteousness compared to living in the reality of Christ made our righteousness, according to 1 Corinthians 1:29-30, in this short clip from a lesson in the Fundamentals of the Christ-life, a series in the Precept Upon Precept Bible course.

Life in the Son Magazine

Read Life in the Son magazine online today! A journal dedicated to teaching the great message of Christ in you, the hope of glory (Col. 1:26-27). Warren Litzman founded Life in the Son magazine in 1962, and it has since been a teaching resource for those who want to learn more about who they are in Christ. Life in the Son is the #1 missionary for Christ-Life Fellowship and is only possible through contributions from our readers.

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Life in the Upside-Down World

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Paul Friesen

Noral Gregory: Shackles for a Glorious Song

Terry Litzman and His Trumpet

Terry Litzman: Songs from the Hymn Book

Glenda Sue Morris

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Inspirational Reading

The Product of Love

By Teresa Ferraro Sometimes, Jesus' statements are misinterpreted as ‘commandments’ when, in  ..

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By Teresa Ferraro Many Christians have adopted “The Great Commission” from Christ’s  ..

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Clarifying Matters

By Richard Moore There has been some confusion concerning the flesh and the sin nature. Even some ver ..

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Thoughts on Grace

By Richard Moore I was fellowshipping with a brother one day on the subject of grace. This fellow did  ..

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  5. Clarifying Matters Teresa Ferraro 03-Sep-2015
  6. Thoughts on Grace Teresa Ferraro 24-Aug-2015
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  8. The Acorn Teresa Ferraro 09-Oct-2014