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Christ-life Fellowship gladly grants prisoners’ requests for Christ-life material free of charge through donations to our Prison Ministry fund. Once in a prison, books and magazines are passed around, bringing the in-Christ message to many inmates. This is how the Prison Ministry has grown organically; it has truly been a “God-thing.” Please contact our Dallas office to request material sent to a prisoner. Please donate to support the Prison Ministry fund and keep Christ-life material flowing into our prisons.

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Contact Christ-Life Fellowship about our prison ministry:

Frank Gracia, CLF Prison Ministry

Christ-life Fellowship
P.O. Box 170307, Dallas, TX 75217-0307

Frank Gracia
Representative of Christ-life Fellowship Prison Ministry

Christ-life Fellowship deeply appreciates Frank's work in communicating with prisoners in the U.S.A. Frank shares his experience with the Christ-life message here.

CLF: What you were searching for, or what brought you into the Christ-life message?

Frank: I was searching for a true gospel, not religion. I had been to many fellowships and none worked completely. I felt most pastors were "do it my way." No freedom of worship; too much regimentation.

CLF: To you, what is the essence of the message?

Frank: The essence is Christ in you, your hope of glory. You can't do it in yourself. For example, loving your brother is God, not you.

CLF: How did it change your life and that of your family?

Frank: It has changed how we look at our circumstances and situations. God has a plan, but He doesn't always tell you about it. As a couple, we agree. We allow our children to come to an understanding. We say prayer about it and let God lead you.

Frank communicates with male and female inmates throughout the country. Christ-life Fellowship distributes magazines, booklets, and books as free gifts to all prisoners, one of our many missions funded by donations to Christ-life Fellowship. Each piece of material is accompanied by a note or a letter of encouragement. Most of the material goes to inmates in the Southwest: Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, California. We do have others in various states including upstate New York. The inmates look forward to the communication and prayers, as for some, the only people they have are the people of the Christ-life Fellowship.

This ministry has grown organically, a work of God, as prisoners have passed Christ-life materials around inside prisons. Then, as prisoners get transferred to another facility, they bring this message as rich food to hungry hearts in another prison. 

If you know a prisoner who would be blessed with the in-Christ message, send us their contact information, and we will be happy to mail them a book as a gift.

Letters from our Fellowship of Inmates

Dear Christ-life Fellowship,


Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ according as He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love.


Before my introduction to the Christ Life, I was raised in a very legalistic, religious Christian environment. My entire family loves the Lord without question, but the message has been commingled so much that it is a perversion. There can be no spiritual growth in that environment. When Richard Moore introduced me to the Christ Life about five months ago, I knew this was something, not only different, but real. I searched the Scriptures diligently. For the first time in my life, I had found what I was looking for, ‘the well of Living Water.’ I now have a peace and joy that is unspeakable. Praise Him! I never knew before that there were two different messages: law and grace. Thankfully, now rightly dividing the Word (2 Tim. 2:15) is something the Spirit has shown me how to do. To God be the glory!


A quick testimony: After my sentencing in Tucson, I was waiting to be sent to my destination and I prayed to God to send me somewhere that would be a beneficial place for me to grow spiritually and where there would be good Christian fellowship also. I thank my Father for putting me here in Florence, Arizona. He had a purpose. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life because I know my identity now. Christ is my life. My Father did not just answer my prayer, but went above and beyond that. He provided a vessel also (Richard Moore).


Thank you so very much for the things you do. You are very important to this ministry, in God’s plan. We all love you, greet you in the name of the Lord. Grace and peace be to you.


Believer in Christ,
D. H.


P.S. Thank you for sending me “Revelation Knowledge and Fourth Dimensional Living,” “Proper Distinction Between Religion and the Gospel” and “Life in the Son” magazines #318 and #319, back in December. If I’m not on the mailing list for the magazine please put me on it. I have #317-320 thanks to Bro. Richard. If you could send a previous issue or two before that, I’d greatly appreciate it. Also, could you send, “The Radical Change in God’s Plan At the Day of Pentecost,” and maybe, “This Then is the Message Which We Have Heard of Him.” I’d like to build up my book collection and read all of Warren’s books. I’ve read several of them already, but could definitely read them again.


Thank you again very much.

Dear Christ-life Fellowship,


Health and love abundantly upon you all. Since the Lord gave me the opportunity to meet brothers like you, I didn’t know about the real fellowship. Love in grace, unconditional, generous and so many more qualities that Christ in us can perform. Praise the Lord.


I want you brothers to know that Christ Life Fellowship, you guys are permanently in my mind thanking the Father of Lights for you all.


I have no words to express my gratitude for your ministry.


I love you all in Christ Jesus.

P.S. The same for Warren and Robbie

R. V.
Winton, N.C.

Dear Christ-life Fellowship,


My reason for writing this letter is to share this fantastic message that I read yesterday by Linda Schultz. It was in the 2009 Christmas Life in the Son. Yes, I am a Christian. I saw this booklet and picked it up, and looking through it, Linda’s testimony lifted me up so much, you have no idea. As I was reading her story, and the more I read, the more, in some parts of it, I saw myself and it truly touched my heart and lifted me up. In fact, I couldn’t put it down.


The Lord has put it upon my heart to write this letter, and to tell you a little about myself. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts, raised as a Catholic until the age of 13 years when I walked away and did not look back at the Lord for many years. I became an alcoholic and went to a meeting every day and night and did well, and still doing well. Praise God. In June 2009 I was told I had liver cancer. On July 29, 2009, I had surgery and they burned off 5.4 inches of my liver. Now August of 2010 they found a tumor growing over my liver. Within the next week to ten days, I will go back and be cut on again. I want to share this with you, my heavenly Father has given me a new life in bringing me through the first surgery and He will again this time. I praise Him 24/7 and will forever and ever. Amen!!


I am in prison, and will be until around the end of this year if I can find a place to go. My family has turned their backs on me years ago. But, I know that my Lord will find me a place to go. Amen! I’d like to request that I be put on your mailing list please. I have so much peace within my heart, I read the Bible every day and I grow every day, and He guides me so much.


Yes, Linda’s message to me was truly powerful, and some of her circumstances just caught me. And every day I am hungry for word of my Lord Jesus. I am humble and no longer in denial, I tell everyone what the Lord has done for me. Also, thank Him for leading me to Linda’s testimony. I will pray for her every day. Please thank her for her article as it has touched my life and has given me strength.


Well, I’ll close now my sisters and brothers. And, once again, Praise God that I was led to this article of Linda Schultz. And, please remember me in your prayers. Amen!!


Thank you, Linda Schultz.

God bless you all,
W. R.

Carson City, NV

Dear Christ-life Fellowship,


Thank you so much for the books and booklets on the Christ-life message! It’s funny how the Lord works – half of the books you’ve sent I’ve already read. But, I look forward to reading them over and over again, but more important than that is sharing them with other believers (and my brothers in the Christ-Life Fellowship).

In my first letter I shared with Warren and Robbie some things about myself and what the Lord is doing in my life. I understand from Richard that anything that has to do with the prison ministry gets forwarded to you and Debbie. I hope you got a chance to read my prison letter. I was introduced to this message, by the Holy Spirit, through Richard Moore about two months ago. I can’t get enough of it! And, I can’t wait to share it with other inmates, especially my lost brothers who are stuck in the kingdom message. Because I know this is “The Truth!” I knew it from the first talk I had with Richard. As Warren says, we have to be hungry for it. The Lord has me soaking this up like a sponge.


Let me tell you some more about myself. I’m 53 years old and this is my fourth time in prison. I’m doing 13 years for burglary and drug possession. I have approximately ten more years to do. I’m telling you this, because the Lord had to get me here to finally listen to Him. I’ve been born-again since 1984. I’ve been in and out of the Baptist, Pentecostal, and non-denominational teachings through the years, and each time searching a closer walk with Christ, but always going back to the “old man.” Coming here to “East Unit” and hearing about the exchange of natures and the non-corruptible seed and the truth of Christ living in me, I knew I had found what I had searched for all my life! Romans 6-8 has come to life. I have a new Bible. And, the Lord Jesus lives in me as me. Only my father in heaven could do something so wonderful. I thank Him and praise Him with all my heart!!! This is the beginning of a new life with the Lord (in the Lord). The Christ-life is an answer to my prayers.


We have a fellowship here at “East Unit” that’s growing. There are 7 or 8 brothers who are learning and living this message. And a lot of it is the Holy Spirit using Richard Moore to share it. I’ve joked to Richard about this – that we may have to call this “The Christ-Life Fellowship-East Unit.” I’m sure Warren would get a kick out of this. All kidding aside, the Lord is doing a mighty work here at East Unit. Richard shares all the Christ-Life material with all of us (and many more) on the yard. I’ve read many of the books and booklets by Warren, listened to many CDs, read many of the line upon line studies, and read many of the Life in the Son magazines. All this is only in two months time. What I’m trying to say is – we are all truly blessed by all the Christ-life material! I’m not the only one. None of us can get enough of this.


Can you please send me some copies of some booklets by Warren? I’m thinking of material useful in sharing with brothers-in-Christ who don’t know the mystery. “The Birthing,” “Christ Liveth In Me” and any other tools that you might think would be useful. Also, I’m asking for myself if you could send me a copy of “The Unashamed Christian” or “Free at Last”?


Thank you, Mike and Debbie, for all the hard work you do. It’s a true blessing to all of us! And it’s producing many fruits. God bless you and keep you! And have a merry, merry Christ-life Christmas! I know I will. I think this could be the best Christmas I’ve ever had. It’s all because of the mystery of Christ living in me, as me. (Galatians 2:20).


Yours Truly in Christ,
J. B.

Florence, Arizona

P.S. Please tell Warren and Robbie thank you so much for blessing me and teaching me who I am in Christ Jesus, and for changing my life and my relationship with my Father. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Warren and Robbie Litzman,


Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and to everyone in the ministry who has put all the effort and hours working hard for us in prison to receive the books that are changing many lives and they also are starting the walk in seeing Christ in us. In our Spanish church here in prison I am able to bring an exhortation every Sunday as I present the In Christ and the Cross to many of them. God is blessing my life as I cannot speak anything but “Christ Liveth In Me.” Life is in Jesus Christ, and as I study my Bible, I study your books and have learned that not I, but Christ, liveth in me, that the “I” has to go, or remove, and allow Christ to live our lives for us.


Your book on “Revelation Knowledge and Fourth Dimensional Living” has been one of the most powerful books, along with my Bible. The living word has overflowed every where that I go or speak. I have been under this ministry almost 10 years and I will forever be grateful to God for me coming out of law into grace. Today I am an In-Christ believer.


I would like to request some books because four men have come to Christ because they were under law for many years and never really knew or never had they learned Christ. The books I request are “The Curse Is Broken,” “The Law is Not of Faith,” “Our Doctrine Is Christ,” and “The Ultimate Revelation of the Cross.”

Warren, I don’t have time to watch T.V. I spend many hours studying the In-Christ message because I have come to learn Christ the person Himself. When I was in the world I never read or knew the love of Christ. Yes, all my life I went to church, but I never knew the power of the cross. Today, I can’t stop reading, praying and learning about the living word. Today I am a changed man, a new man in Christ Jesus. Inmates at church say that I never speak about the Old Testament but that I am a Jesus freak. All I know is that I have crossed over from death to life, from law to grace. May God bless you all and thanking you all for the love of Christ that all of you have for us men in white.


A simple man in Christ,
“Lil” J. C.

Dear Warren and Robbie,


Greetings in Christ! I just sent you guys a letter and I did not think to ask if you could send me some copies of Christ Liveth In Me and The Birthing. Also, I don’t know if there are any available but if you could send me the Life in the Son magazines with Norman Grubbs articles on Romans 6, 7, and 8. I would greatly appreciate it. I want to thank you guys for everything you do for me, and everything you do to spread the glorious gospel of the revelation.


Grace, peace, and love in Christ,
J. J.

Safford, AZ

Dear Warren and Robbie,


Greetings, brother and sister.


I wanted to write to you as soon as possible to let you know of my change of address. The Department of Corrections has moved us back to Arizona. It’s really most because for the first time in my life I realized I am excited about a move. I used to resist change. Now I know my Father is in control of all of these things and I do not have to worry any longer.


The last several months the Father has really been helping me see just how much I allowed what others think of me to dictate the way I operated in life. There is such a glorious freedom in Christ. I am realizing more and more each day that the Father wants me to be free to be who he made me by placing His Son in me and revealing Him as my life.


What a wonderful adventure it is to learn Christ! It is also truly amazing to know I am complete in Him and this was God’s plan for me from the very beginning. I really appreciate all you do for me. Thank you for all of the study material and CDs. Please tell Mike and Debbie thank you as well. I know I have something operating in my own life that I can share with others that can change lives. God’s grace is so amazing. I will continue to pray for the Christ Life fellowship. I pray that the Father continues to open doors for you guys to boldly make known the gospel of the mystery. Please do the same for me. There is a chance I will be moving again very soon because I now meet the requirements for minimum custody. If that does happen I will notify you as soon as possible. I love you guys and thank you again for everything.


May the grace and peace of Christ be with you,
J. J.

Dear Christ-life Brothers and Sisters,


I recently received the materials you graciously sent to me. May God continue to bless your ministry. When a brother on this yard shared the Christ-life message with me, the message clearly broke through my clouded vision, and has spoken more clearly to me than any message of the Gospel ever spoke to me before.

I want to thank you again for sharing such wonderfully Good News! In this era of phony ministries doing little but hawking merchandise, your message of living through Jesus Christ is refreshing and inspirational.

I pray God will continue to support you in preaching the Gospel of the Christ-life.


Your Brother in Christ,
A. F., Arizona Prison Inmate

Dear Warren & Robbie,


Wanted to let you know that I got the magazines – both packages. Thank you very much. They are just what I needed. I also received your very gracious letters. I am so glad you are feeling better, Warren. To be honest, I’ve missed you. You and Robbie are such a huge part of my life. I can never thank the Father enough for you. Jesus, as my life, and the trust of the gospel the Holy Spirit teaches (2 Timothy 1:14) is a miracle words can never adequately describe. What my Father had in store for this old prisoner is so beyond me. He has indeed chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise (Ephesians 3:20). The revelation of Jesus in a human touches people’s lives in a way I had no right to expect – it also incites the devil no end. But what did we expect? This is our Father’s training.


God is doing wonderful things here. The truth is wherever I go I see Jesus working in ways that never cease to amaze me. I feel like I am the most privileged man on the face of the earth. I know you share that blessing. It’s the fellowship of the mystery.


Well, God love you and bless you. If possible, maybe you could send that CD set, “The Gospel of Deliverance” regarding addiction. I am sure I could use it. Also, no, I have not been receiving “The Church in the Home” CDs for probably the last four months and am not sure why.


In any case, I am amply supplied, but will continue to make my needs known. Thank you so very much, as always. I love and treasure you dearly.


In Christ,
R. M.

P.S. Warren

I was somewhat surprised at what slipped in to the Gregg Bing article in the LIS (#320). I am thinking it was an oversight or possibly you chose to allow it. My guess is the former. Of course, Gregg Bing is a writer I’ve been greatly blessed by. I’ve accumulated quite a bit of material from Grace Bible Church, which I value greatly. But there really is no reason for the confusion. The Greek language in two verses alone makes clear we are no longer in relationship under the influence of the sin nature (Katargeo (Rom.6:6)/Eriergeo) (Eph. 2:2). The problem arises because they do not see there is no human nature. Man was made a living soul. His is why the Lord’s teaching has been so strategic in this area in my life. This is almost universal – even among the finest grace teachers of our day. What they actually do not see is ‘The Birthing’ as a whole body of truth (where nature comes from, man, a living soul, etc.). There is a certain vagueness in their teaching concerning our union with Christ because they are bridging the gap with human reason. With all due respect, to not see the birthing is to fall short of what our Father intends for His children. Well, we will contend for the truth. Be blessed, sir.

R. M.